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The Balanced Boudoir: Bedroom Design for A Joyful Life

Living a joyful, elegant life is a combination of many things – and it all begins with the space you live in. There are few rooms in your home as important as the bedroom, or more specifically that bedroom’s design.

This is the place you wake up in, and it’s the place where you lay your head down at night. It is arguably the most intimate and influential space in your house.

When it comes to designing the bedroom, you should take your choices and decisions seriously. All five senses must have their say! I’m here to make this balancing act simple using the principles of Mindful Aestheticism.

Pare Down Your Paradise – One Item At a Time.

Whether your style is bare-bones or ornate, a defining element of elegance is simplicity. A cluttered or overused space is chaotic and confusing, and it impacts everything from sleep to overall physical health. A bedroom’s design is integral to your wellbeing, and clutter can be downright harmful.

The easiest way to eliminate this problem is by going through all of your items one by one and keep only the things that have a consistent use. This is the method most often prescribed by organization experts such as Marie Kondo or Donna Smallin Kuper.

There is also the matter of storage, however, and if you are more of a materialist it’s likely easier to rethink your furnishing and sorting methods rather than throw things out. Learning a skill as straightforward as proper clothes-folding can have a profound effect on your space’s look and function.

Mindful Aestheticism supports the principles of pleasure and beauty for their own sake. I do not believe in pushing a narrative of “less is more” as the default. Some people simply do not find this philosophy useful! There is no need for them to feel guilty about how they choose to occupy their own space.

Therefore, I advocate a balance between paring down one’s possessions and learning to store them in the most optimal fashion. There are many creative storage solutions – there are even blogs dedicated solely to this concept!

Start here, and when you have made the most of your storage options, then it is time to consider whether or not your possessions are taking up valuable real estate (which, of course, could be used to house better or different things).

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The goal is to have a bedroom design in which everything you need is easy to find, either hidden or displayed in an attractive manner, and simple to organize.

The Darling is in The Details – Prioritize the Senses.

This is another central principle within Mindful Aestheticism. Our experience of life begins with the five senses – scent, hearing, touch, taste, and sight. Despite the puritan influences which seek to degrade the senses and their pleasure as shallow or selfish, the senses cannot be ignored.

Your bedroom is the perfect place to celebrate the full range of sensations your body is capable of. It helps to begin with the basics of design – the details that populate each moment – and work outward.

As a sleeping place and an area in which you do a great deal of relaxing, the bedroom naturally prioritizes the sense of touch. Take the time to really consider the fabrics and textures you include in your design.

luxurious queen in room

Are your sheets merely tolerable, or are they decadently comfortable? Do you enjoy the feeling of your feet hitting the floor each morning, or is it a trial? Something as simple as a woven rug or a higher thread count in your sheets can change the course of your entire day.

Your visual experience is also incredibly important. Sight is central to most of our moods and perceptions about the world we inhabit. Positive visuals create more optimistic mindsets, and the opposite is also true. Choose a color scheme and artistic approach that embodies the things you associate with happiness, relaxation, and comfort, whether it is soft, pastel blues or rich reds and rustic furnishings.

Scent, hearing, and taste also play important roles in your life. Do you have candles or oils in your room to help make it pleasant from the moment you take the day’s first breath each morning? Do you have a way to play music in your bedroom, or ways to block out jarring noise such as traffic?

Keeping a few snacks and drinks in your room also enhances the sense of comfort the space provides by ensuring that all of your basic needs are met in that one place.

By integrating the senses – often through very simple, very affordable (or free) methods – you are doing more for your space than any high end designer could accomplish. It all starts with the physical experiences you have in your room!

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Make it Make Sense – To You.

A lot of us design our rooms around what a bedroom “should” look like. Our space represents a lifetime of messages we’ve received regarding both functionality and design, even if those messages are not quite aligned with our natural preferences.

This is where mindfulness plays a key role. Take a half-hour to sit in the very center of your room. Breathe deeply, stretch your body, and then take in your space with full awareness.

How does the layout feel to you? Does it flow naturally? Perhaps you are the sort of person who doesn’t really see the need for a dresser, as you can fit all of your clothing items into a closet. Perhaps you have lovely hardwood floors but simply prefer the look and feel of a handmade rug.

The point in this exercise is to address each component of your bedroom and release it from the tyranny of whatever “advice” or “must-haves” you have been given by media (such as design magazines and HGTV) or other people.

Personalization can look very different for each person, but it has a powerful mental impact on all of us. The way we design our space taps into the inherent need humans have to create and express. This is central to the Aesthete’s creed of “art for art’s sake” and beauty for beauty’s sake. It is simply human to want to create and enjoy beautiful, personally meaningful things.

woman artist designing

To fully appreciate your bedroom, it must, more than perhaps any other room, be an expression of you. This means that you must overcome the habit we all have of occupying our homes on autopilot, going from one activity to the next without noticing our surroundings.

Do you prefer a futon or large sofa to a traditional Queen-sized bed? Wonderful! Trade in the four poster and get what you want. Do you enjoy a darker and more shadowed space? No problem there, paint the walls black if you’d like. This is your place, and it is your haven and harbor. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

So, get intimate with your bedroom’s design, and make it yours! Only you can truly decide what this means and how it will look.

In Conclusion… It Starts With Appreciation.

A joyful space is an appreciated space. By respecting, personalizing, and embracing your bedroom, you ensure that you will wake up and go to bed in a place that is balanced and loved.

Simplifying your room, integrating the senses into your design, and personalizing the area are all ways to show genuine gratitude for your home and all that it contains. Self-expression is the very heart of self care.

Make sure that your boudoir is beautiful in all of the ways that hold meaning for you – you may trust that such a seemingly small thing can and will change your entire life.

Do you have your own design tips and ideas for the bedroom? Share them with us! Until next time, stay bright and stay bougie, dears.

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