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Kitchen Basics: Supplies to Keep It Classy (And Affordable)

One of the cornerstones of class is preparedness. No principle better represents that cornerstone than the ability to make simple, delicious food for any occasion – and this requires a set of basic equipment.

There’s no reason to break the bank when stocking your drawers and cupboards, as most supplies may easily be found at thrift stores or in other budget-friendly marketplaces. Here is another wonderful post about stocking and maintaining a kitchen, which includes some good advice about food storage.

Before I begin this list, I will offer my own friendly advice to keep in mind while shopping.

  • Seek quality products – wood or ceramics (including glass) are often more durable than plastic when it comes to utensils such as baking spoons, mixing bowls, and measuring cups, and as long as the price difference is not extreme, it’s almost always better to invest in a longer-lasting product.
  • Simple is best – the astounding variety of overly complicated gadgets on display in kitchen aisles is, admittedly, rather tempting at times…but generally speaking, you will get more use out of basic equipment than you will from something with more moving parts than is necessary.
  • Know your habits – if you very rarely bake, you will not need a ten mixing bowls or five kinds of pastry blenders; similarly, if you know that you will never in your life serve more than five people at once, you should not bother spending money on a twenty-person dining set. Keep your needs in mind when personalizing your kitchen!

I have categorized this list for your convenience, and feel free to download it in pdf form here:

Without further ado, here are the bougie basics for your kitchen.

For Baking:

  • Wooden Spoon
  • Silicone Baking Spatula
  • A Set of Mixing Bowls (small, medium, & large)
  • A 9-inch Pie Pan
  • Whisk (metal is best)
  • A Set of Oven Mitts
  • A Set of Baking Dishes (I prefer glass)
  • Cupcake Pan
  • Cookie Tray
  • Loaf Pan
  • A Set of Dry Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Parchment Paper
  • Rolling Pin

For Cooking:

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  • A Set of Saucepans (be sure to research which type is best for your stove, as induction, gas, & electric stoves have different requirements)
  • Spatula (I prefer wooden)
  • A Sauté Pan or Skillet (larger tends to be better, and you only really need for one)
  • A Chef’s Knife (quality is imperative for this item)
  • Cutting Board (I recommend a large one)
  • Sheet Pan
  • Strainer
  • Spaghetti Fork
  • Cheese Grater
  • A Set of Dish Towels (remember that there is often a large difference between decorative vs. durable in this area)
  • A Kettle

For Serving:

  • A Teapot
  • A Set of Plates
  • Silverware (beware low-quality options, as they are more trouble than they’re worth to keep in good repair)
  • A Set of Coasters
  • Several Mugs (but not an excessive amount…a personal weakness of mine!)
  • Placemats (a bit superfluous, but they add class and furniture-protection to your repertoire)
  • A Set of Bowls
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Napkin Holder
  • A Corkscrew (the type with a bottle opener on top is best)
  • Wine Glasses

For Storage:

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  • A Set of Tupperware (microwave-safe is best)
  • A Portable Dish (they come in many shapes and sizes)
  • A Few Mason Jars
  • Tinfoil
  • Saran Wrap
  • A Set of Cheaper Tupperware (to give away when sending food home with friends & family)
The Not-So-Necessaries (That I Love & Adore)
  • Pastry Blender – this is used to blend ingredients such as cold butter or CRISCO into flour, and when making scones or pie crusts it is (in my humble opinion) far superior to using a fork
  • Crust Protector – these are circular, silicone tools used to shield a pie crust from burning in the oven; you could always try to make one out of aluminum foil, but I personally love having the silicone ones around
  • Garlic Press – this allowed me to say goodbye to having garlic-scented hands for days at a time

These basics can be collected over time, so don’t feel obligated to rush out and spend your paycheck all at once! Know your priorities and work on building your kitchen over time.

Having a well-stocked kitchen takes a great deal of stress out of life, and it provides the means to create a comfortable, welcoming home for yourself, your family, or your guests.

And comfort, my friends, is the beating heart of elegance.

Feel free to add any thoughts on or additions to this list in the comments section – stay bougie, darlings.

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